GAP IN THE FENCE has collaborated with a diverse number of exceptional artists, performers,  technical specialists and producers. Read their testimonials below.



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“Frances Butler is an easy person to collaborate with. Her extensive knowledge of procedure coupled with the ability to approach problems with flair and vast amounts of enthusiasm means that appropriate solutions arrive seemingly without effort. Frances has a genuine love of creative pursuit and is generous with her time and talents in helping others realise their goals. Working with her is an enjoyable experience." 




"Thank you Frances - for daring to ask the question; for magically, in one small sentence, transmuting my rather trivial, blue-sky inkling into a Big Idea which could not be ignored, no matter how daunting; for your immediate, powerful follow-through action, your unwavering commitment, your honesty, your willingness to stretch and stretch and stretch again, not to mention deal with myriad administrative tediousnesses, and hold a space, for more than three years, for this unimaginable thing. To thank you for this opportunity that we grasped together, this shared journey, doesn’t actually begin to cover it. And as a side note - that program is a work of art."



“Frances Butler is an extremely motivated and innovative creative producer and director. I found working for her on the Tasmanian Requiem to be a strategic thinker and planner with a seemingly inexhaustible energy. Frances' approach has always been extremely professional and a pleasure to collaborate with on the preparation of new complex productions.”