Floating Scores

- building a Tasmanian soundscape


Floating Scores is a digital platform (App) accessible via smart devices that creates a Tasmanian soundscape. The project constructs and distributes a layer of geo-located sonic art across the State as well as building a library of Tasmanian vocal narrative, sound art and music.

In building a Tasmanian soundscape, we and our partners are determined to showcase a multiplicity of Tasmanian sounds, words and music in an individualized COVID-safe format, providing high quality production, supporting and increasing the capacity of our local artists and producers, and building a comprehensive and varied library of content that reflects the diversity, history, potential and uniqueness of Tasmania.

This is an ongoing project, dedicated to commissioning new or re-imagined content, and eventually adding historical or otherwise already extant content of interest. This all adds up to showcasing Tasmania in sound – complex and unique.

The formal launch of the project is scheduled for February 2022. We are generously supported by the Tasmanian Symphony Orchestra as major partner and auspice body, and with funding from the Australia Council, Arts Tasmania, the Yulgilbar Foundation, Regional Arts Fund and GASP.

The project commenced in August 2020 and is scheduled for public launch in early 2022. It is otherwise an ongoing project.



The Floating Scores App is developed by Dr Bill Hart in collaboration with Gap In The Fence and funded by an Australia Council (Adapt) grant. It is designed to host discrete works of narrative, music, sonic art or combinations of those, as well as generated real-time audio from layered content which alters as the listener moves through a specific location and can be determined by natural determinants such as time of day, season, humidity, tide etc.

The flexibility of the app allows users access to an integrated layer and varied library of standalone and site-specific audio art, music and spoken word. It has enormous potential as a tool for education, events and tourism increasing options for engaging with sites and objects in public space as well as providing a new format to access the work of Tasmanian artists.

The App will be supported by a built-for-purpose website providing an array of supporting documentation for the App and project. This will include, for example: content artist statements and bios, accessible versions of content (e.g. Auslan video interpretations, translations for non-English content), maps, GPS locations directions and accessibility information for geo-locations, production credits, cultural acknowledgements, videos and photo documentation of projects, support and partner acknowledgements.  Some content may be made available here as audio for difficult to reach locations.


Floating Scores constructs an integrated sound layer to draw attention and increase accessibility to public spaces and public art and create audio content for alternative spaces or events.

The use of personal smart devices to layer sound avoids occupying or impinging on precious physical space while manifesting across sites with choose-your-own portability or to physically manifest in compact locations for those who choose to sit and simply listen. It also functions as a COVID-safe platform direct to your ears.

The app will be accessible via a smart device App (for iOS and Android). We envisage offering a free trial with a subscription or pay to play format thereafter to provide a degree of sustainability for Floating Scores and provide ongoing income for content artists.

Content will also be accessible via the program website to license for commercial use and for selected content, via the linked TSO House publishing site.



Tasmanian artists – writers, composers, sonic artists etc - are commissioned to create or upload content, while retaining copyright and licensing their work to the platform. Production of new commissions will provide employment for many local performers, musicians, producers and sound technicians all around Tasmania to bring the work to life sonically.

For an ongoing project we will build in sustainability by building capacity in our younger project team members, mentoring and training while producing content around the entire State. We’ll work in studios and on site in the wet and wild West, and the warm East, the fertile North West and deep South and reach out to the quiet islands around us. The project will employ over 200 people in various capacities across most artforms: music, literature, technical production, performance, photography and film.

You - will have access to discover hitherto little-known or alternative histories, hear discrete and unique works through layered soundscapes, and an array of real and imaginary pasts or futures based on climatic or other conditions in the present. This platform will transform what you thought you knew about where you are. Take a trip around Tasmania and choose your own journey: cultural, scientific, poetic, musical, futuristic, instrumental.

Everyone else - this platform will have the adaptability to sonically transform locations for specific events, festivals, local authorities, even the local bus commute. Fancy a sonic journey along the Midlands Highway?


Content will be commissioned and licensed from Tasmanian artists working in a range of media – writing, music, sonic art, performance – with stories and aural imaginings for specified locations (geo-located to the App).

Content commissions will provide opportunities for Tasmanian artists and performers working in diverse media, to create/record site-related content and/or enhance interpretation of already extant works in public spaces. It will create an online library / playlist of Tasmanian work – writers, musicians, sonic artists adapted and/or created for places and events.

Over time this soundscape will reflect a multiplicity of difference, e.g., Indigenous understanding, speculative futures, contemporary retellings and poetic narrative layers tied to locations or events; they may mix together or be dominated at a particular time by one narrative. The project will have capacity to incorporate content which includes narrative, ambient, musical and experimental sonic art and can be integrated with and/or support events and increase accessibility to locations, significant sites, or public art around Tasmania.

Eventually, Floating Scores hopes to include already extant works, digging back into our past to restore sounds and stories to our sonic environment and to their place of origin or inspiration.

For the audience, there will be suggestions for content to follow a Tasmanian ‘track’ around the State, or to build individual Tasmanian playlists.



The Tasmanian Symphony Orchestra (TSO) is our auspice and major partner providing financial and contract management, marketing and player availability for production of content. The TSO has a strong commitment to supporting Tasmanian artists and producers.

Our Aboriginal Advisory Group provides advice and oversight to all elements of the program particularly in relation to palawa/pakana and Aboriginal/Indigenous culture, artists, content and Country. This group has been with the project since its inception in 2020 at GASP and provides crucial oversight to our policies and working with community to build capacity and increase opportunities for truth telling and cultural engagement. The Group currently includes Pakana mob: Tony Brown, Jillian Mundy, Thomas Riley and Caleb Nichols-Mansell (Blackspace Creative), and AJ King, (Bigamul/Wakka Wakka). 

TasWriters, the peak body for literature in Tasmania, is our literature partner, providing in-kind support including occasional office space as well as advice and access to a wide network of writers across Tasmania.



The Yulgilbar Foundation has generously provided a grant to commission two Aboriginal artists living in Tasmania to create content. Click the link below for more detail.

A grant from the Regional Arts Funds has allowed us to commission two Tasmanian Aboriginal artists living in the north of Tasmania to create content. Click the link below for more detail.

Click here for detail of current opportunities

Click here to submit an Expression of Interest


All images copyright Gap In The Fence.

Generously funded by: 

The Australian Government through the Australia Council, its arts funding and advisory body.


The Minister for the Arts, the Hon Elise Archer through Arts Tasmania, Community & Cultural Development grant for funding commissions from refugee and migrant artists.

In collaboration with:

Auspice, marketing and musical partner.


Literature partner.

The Yulgilbar Foundation and Regional Arts Fund fund content commissions from palawa / pakana artists.

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