Shaped By Trees

A new Film Opera in Pre-Production
by Biasino William Pezzimenti & Constantine Koukias

The idea of a unworkable or inconceivable partnering of two very different people both culturally and rituals is intriguing and seductive. That passion is predatory, excessive and sometimes mutinous. This puerile yet arcane liaison is narcissistic, but as the Opera unfolds the characters learn how to break through their personal desires by putting their passion aside to become delicate and warmly forgiving. It is a story of reckless love that has no boundaries. The two characters are charismatic and ruthlessly defiant, even in the face of a superior force that will ultimately crush their shamelessness. They are seduced by their youth, their desires, their confidence, their lust and hunger for all that is perfectly human. It is a love story from youth to old age.


A nineskippinggods production in association with Foundation IHOS Amsterdam, Roar Film, LIMINAL Studio, Opera & Performing Arts Laboratory, IHOS Australia & Gap In The Fence